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Microsoft® Windows 7

Course Content

Level 1 (1 day)

Exploring Windows 7
Identify Personal Computer Functionality
Log On to Windows 7
Explore the Desktop
Work with Windows
Access the Help and Support Feature
Turn Off the Personal Computer
Customizing the Windows 7 Desktop
Customize the Start Menu
Customize the Taskbar
Personalize the Desktop
Add Gadgets to the Desktop
Managing Folders and Files
Navigate to Folders Using Windows Explorer
Work with Folders and Files
Secure Folders and Files
Organize Folders and Files
Search for Folders and Files
Using Common Tools and Programs in Windows 7
Create a Document in WordPad
Work with the Calculator
Capture Screens Using the Snipping Tool
Customize a Graphic with the Paint Tool
Browsing the Internet
Get Familiar with the Internet
Browse Websites Using Internet Explorer 8
Download and Install a Gadget
Appendix A: Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcuts
Appendix B: Personal Computer Basics

Level 2 (1 day)

Customizing the Windows 7 Environment
Apply Aero Features
Modify Display Settings
Configuring User Accounts
Create a User Account
Manage User Accounts
Working with Applications in Windows 7
Schedule Tasks
Work with Media Files
Explore Games
Manage Programs
Working with Devices
Modify Device Settings
Configure Removable Devices
Managing Networks
An Overview of Networks
Share Files and Folders
Manage Offline Files
Securing System Data
Back Up Data
Restore Data
Apply Security Settings
Enhancing System Performance
Improve Processing Speed
Optimize Power Consumption
Configure Windows Update Settings
Troubleshoot Problems
Working with Internet Explorer 8
Manage Favorites
Manage History Files
Configure Pop-Up Settings
Configure Internet Security and Privacy Settings