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Windows XP to Windows 7 migration

Did you know that April 8 2014 spells end-of-life for Microsoft Windows XP? From this day support and updates for the product will cease to exist, and not migrating is a guarantee that your organisations data, infrastructure and security is at risk. What is surprising is that most businesses, major corporate and government clients still have an XP environment.

April 2014 may sound like it is a while away, but consider this: Demand for migration services will grow as we move closer to this date. It is envisaged that as XP's end of life gets nearer, demand will exceed the skills required to deliver these services, and this will naturally drive up prices.

We offer a full solution, planning, training, testing and implimentation. Our team already has experience migrating many clients, both large and small, from XP to Windows 7. Don't leave it until it is too late!

Contact us today to discuss your migration plans.