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Microsoft® Windows 10

Course Content

Level 1 (1 day)

Lesson 1: Navigating the Windows 10 Environment
Log In to Windows 10
Navigate the Desktop
Navigate in Tablet Mode

Lesson 2: Working with Apps and Desktop Applications
Customize the Start Menu and Taskbar
Use Windows 10 Apps and Desktop Applications
Multitask with Apps and Desktop Applications
Use File Explorer

Lesson 3: Using Cortana and Edge
Get to Know Cortana
Use Cortana as a Personal Assistant
Browse the Web

Lesson 4: Managing Windows 10
Configure Settings
Use the Desktop Administrative Tools

Lesson 5: Securing Your Computer
Set New Password Types
Use Windows Defender
Use Other Security Features

Lesson 6: Using Backup and Recovery Tools
Use File History
Repair Your System

Appendix A: Continuum Navigation