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Microsoft® Project® 2010: Web App

Course Content

Lesson 1: Using Project Web App
Review Project Management Tasks and EPM Components
Access Project Server Using PWA
Lesson 2: Viewing Tasks
View Task Information
Customize Task Display Order
Search for and Filter Tasks
Set View Options
Lesson 3: Modifying Task Assignments
Update Progress on Task Assignments
Add Notes to Task Assignments
Notify Your Manager of Nonworking Time
Create a Task
Reassign a Task
Manage Delegation of Project Responsibilities
Lesson 4: Managing Status Reports
Send Status Reports
Manage Status Reports
Lesson 5: Managing Risks, Issues, and Documents
Manage Risks
Manage Issues
Add and View Shared Documents
Lesson 6: Tracking Project Status Within the Enterprise
View Project Information Using the Project Center
Manage Resources Using the Resource Center
Approve Task Updates Using the Approval Center
Create a Custom Field