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Maximising Pivottable - Microsoft® Office Excel® 2010

Course Content

Module 1: Making Data Work For You

In this module students are shown a variety of lookup function and examples where lookup functions are needed. The basic knowledge given here is then extended throughout the course. The whole spectrum of functions that are explained in detail in future Modules are introduced here.
Maximize the Power of PivotTable
Ask the Questions
Get the Answer

Module 2: A Quick Tour

This module explains how to use determine the source needed to create its PivotTable report.
Determine What You Need to Know
Identify the Source
Creating the Pivot Table
Working with Pivot Table Layout

Module 3: Manipulating the PivotTable

This module explains how to rearrange the layout of the PivotTable.
Rearranging the Layout
Adding New Field
Renaming a Field
Formatting Numbers
Changing Sorting Order
Showing Top 10
Refreshing Data

Module 4: Digging Deeper

This module explains how to group item, display subtotals and grandtotals within the PivotTable. It also introduce the feature of Slicer to display item in PivotTable.
Grouping Items
Displaying Subtotals
Hiding/Showing Grand Totals
Formatting PivotTable
Using Slicer
Formatting Slicer

Module 5: Beyond the Basics

This module explains how to create a second data field and changing the summary function with the PivotTable.
Creating Second Data Field
Changing the Summary Function
Displaying Numerical Value as a Percentage of the Total
Creating a Custom Calculation
More Function in Custom Calculation

Module 6: More PivotTable Calculations

This module explains how to insert formula within the PivotTable.
Using Formulas
Creating a Calculated Field
Creating a Calculated Item
Using GetPivotData Function
Turn off GetPivotData Function

Module 7: Optional Topics

This module explains how to create a PivotChart, Publishing PivotTable to the Web and using multiple source range for the PivotTable.
Creating PivotChart
Publishing PivotTable to the Web
Using Multiple Source Ranges