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ADOBE indesign CS4

Course content:

Level 1

Exploring the InDesign Environment
Explore the InDesign Interface
Customize the Interface
Explore the Navigation Controls
Set General and Interface Preferences

Designing Documents
Create a Document
Add Text
Add Graphic
Convert Other Application Files to InDesign

Enhancing Documents
Format Characters and Paragraphs
Apply Color, Swatches, and Gradients
Apply Fills and Strokes
Create and Apply Styles

Working with Page Elements
Arrange Objects
Align Objects
Manage Page Elements with Layers
Set Up Pages

Managing Objects
Transform Objects
Edit Objects
Thread Text Frames
Search and Replace Objects
Edit Text

Working with Tables
Create a Table
Modify a Table Structure
Format a Table
Create Table and Cell Styles

Finalizing Documents
Check Documents for Errors
Print a Document
Package Files
Export PDF Files for Commercial Printing
Prepare PDF Files for Web Distribution

Level 2

Handling Page Elements
Create Duplicate Items
Handle Text Layout
Create Transparency
Create Anchored Objects
Manage a Library

Managing Styles
Import Styles from Microsoft® Word Documents
Create Nested Styles
Create Related Styles
Apply Styles in a Sequence
Manage Style Overrides
Redefine Styles
Break the Link Between Styles

Developing Complex Paths
Create Bézier Paths
Create Clipping Paths
Create Compound Paths
Create Type Outlines

Administering External Files
Import Layered Files
Merge Data

Working with an XML File
Integrate XML Content into a Document
Import XML Content
Create a Snippet

Managing Long Documents
Insert Footnotes
Insert Text Variables
Create Text Conditions
Create Document Sections
Create a Book
Create the Table of Contents
Create Hyperlinks
Create Cross-References
Generate an Index

Exporting InDesign Files in Other Formats
Export PDF Files
Export Files for the Web
Export Files for Animation

Adjusting Print Settings
Manage Colors
Preview the Print Output
Create Print Presets

Organizing Assets Using Adobe® Bridge
Working with Adobe Bridge
Work with Adobe Bridge
Appending Metadata and Keywords to Assets
Append Metadata and Keywords to Assets