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Course content:

Level 1

Getting Acquainted with AdobeĀ® IllustratorĀ® CS5
Examine Imaging Concepts
Explore the Interface
Customize the Interface

Creating Shapes in a Document
Create a Document
Draw Basic Shapes
Save a Document

Creating Custom Paths
Draw Paths
Modify Paths

Working with Text
Insert Text
Flow Text on a Path
Import Body Text
Format Text with Styles
Thread Text
Apply Hyphenation
Insert Typographic Characters

Working with Objects
Import Graphics
Manipulate Objects

Enhancing Documents
Format Objects
Apply Strokes
Apply Gradients
Apply Graphic Styles
Apply an Envelope to Text

Proofing a Document
Wrap Text
Find and Replace Text
Fix Spelling Errors

Saving Images for the Web and Print
Export Images for Print
Save Images for the Web
Save Images as PDFs

Level 2

Creating Complex Illustrations
Create a Custom Shape Using Simple Shapes
Create Perspective Drawings
Create Compound Paths
Offset Paths
Erase Shapes

Enhancing Complex Illustrations
Organize Objects with Layers
Create Symbols
Create a Pattern Swatch
Create a Mesh
Create Custom Brushes
Apply Color Using Live Paint
Recolor Artwork

Creating a Vector Version of a Raster Graphic
Trace Artwork
Adjust the Results of Tracing
Create a Custom Preset
Convert a Traced Object to Paths

Creating Special Effects
Apply Effects
Create Masks
Simplify Paths
Create Blends
Share Graphic Styles
Create 3D Effects

Working with Graphs
Create a Graph
Format a Graph

Working with Variables
Create Variables
Create Data Sets

Outputting Documents
Set Up Color Management
Preview an Overprint
Apply Spot Colors
Print a Composite Proof
Create Color Separations
Create an Adobe PDF File

Exporting Graphics for the Web and Mobile Devices
Convert Colors to Web-Safe Colors
Work with Actions
Export a File as an SWF File
Create Slices
Add Interactivity to an SVG File
Preview an Illustration for Mobile Devices