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Welcome to Electronic Learning and Development Systems (ELDS).

ELDS is a Queensland based company providing innovative training solutions Australia Wide.  Our consultants have over 25 years experience in the IT Industry.  We offer a range of training options for both Microsoft and Adobe products.  Our training is delivered by only experienced Microsoft and Adobe Certified Trainers.

Let our business grow your business:

Are your employees using your valuable investment in IT tools as effectively as they could be?  Are they spending more time figuring out how to do tasks than actually doing them?  ELDS guarantees that your staff will be better equipped to do their job after attending one of our courses.  Increased productivity means increased profit for you!

Microsoft and Adobe training onsite in Queensland:

At ELDS, we provide affordable, flexible, onsite training and mobile training solutions Australia wide.  Our portability saves you money.  Using ELDS means your employees have no need to travel and less down time. 

Electronic training solutions:

ELDS is able to tailor electronic training packages to your needs. We have extensive experience in developing E-Learning solutions including inductions, safety and IT skills.  We can develop a solution to suit your needs and your budget.

Our mobile training lab can be yours as well:

Do you need to deliver training in areas where equipment is not readily available? Why not consider partnering with us to provide an on-site training solution.